Useful Links and Videos

  • (2006) As a Republican candidate for Secretary of State, Fulton County Commission Chair Karen Handel campaigned in part on a promise to strengthen Georgia’s election system.  Her white paper outlining some needed reforms, including the use of paper audit trails and replacement of “obsolete” obsolete Diebold voting machines,  became a blueprint for many seeking a more open and accountable election system. after being elected she backed away from these promises, choosing instead to become a fierce advocate for the status quo. Public ethics records later showed a total of $25,000 in campaign contributions from employees and family member of Massey & Bowers, a lobbyist for the electronic voting machine industry. Brian Kemp was appointed to Secretary of State after Karen Handel stepped down to run for Governor.  In his first election campaign, Kemp promised a “non-partisan panel to recommend election reforms.”
  • (2008) This report from Georgia Tech cyber security experts, outlines vulnerabilities and threats posed by Georgia’s election system.  The report was produced for Secretary of State Karen Handel but was never acted on it.
  • (2014) From VoterGA, a comprehensive legal and legislative history of electronic voting in Georgia.
  • (2014) “The Georgia Voting System,” a presentation given by CES Executive Director Merle King, February 2014
  • (2016)In testimony before the Committee on House Administration, Professor Edward W. Felton gives a hands-on demo of how Benedict Arnold stole the election from George Washington, View the full hearing  here or here
  • (2017) Top-Secret NSA Report Details Russian Hacking Effort Days Before 2016 Election, The Intercept, June 5, 2017:
  • (2017) Russia/Cybersecurity: Main Intelligence Directorate Cyber Actors, [REDACTED] Target U.S. Companies and Local U.S. Government Officials Using Voter Registration-Themed Emails, Spoof Election-Related Products and Services, Research Absentee Ballot Email Addresses; August to November 2016, National Security Agency, 2017: NSA-Report-on-Russia-Spearphishing
  • (2017) Kim Zetter, Will the Georgia Special Election Get Hacked_ – POLITICO Magazine