Why are Georgia’s election officials lying about the stolen poll books?

It’s not that hard to figure out that someone is lying.  There are the inevitable tells:

In order to convince the accuser, a liar may respond to an allegation with a truthful statement that casts him in a favorable light.


Going into attack mode against the questioner

But usually it’s just too darn hard to keep your stories straight.  That’s what trips people up. That’s what’s causing Brian Kemp’s story about stolen poll books to unravel. His office first reported that the poll books were stolen from a Cobb County precinct manager’s car. Not to worry said Kemp’s office:

the stolen machine, known as an ExpressPoll unit, cannot be used to fraudulently vote in Tuesday’s election but that it does contain a copy of Georgia’s statewide voter file

Not a question that anyone was asking, but ok. It’s not a small point however that it was not a single stolen machine, but five of them.

Oh, and by the way:

the poll book that was stolen did have a flash card with a voter list on it. But, it does require some knowledge or expertise to use machine to retrieve the information.

Wherever would someone get “some knowledge?”  It better be hard to do because, like a needle being passed among addicts in some back alley that flash card is a perfect vehicle for delivering malware to voting machines. And there are now five of them out there.

Kemp was upset that it took a couple days for Cobb County officials to let him know they had screwed up, but then it was all ok because the missing machines had been found in a dumpster.  Until they weren’t: “…safe in a landfill,” was the reassuring message from election officials.

Kemp was so relieved he had a ceremony for the police officers who “recovered the stolen equipment.” Except that they actually did not recover the stolen equipment, which was safe in a landfill.  “Too expensive to dig it up…” they said.

Finally, in an attempt to put the whole thing to bed, Kemp’s Office had to reassure us:

…no voter information had been taken from the stolen voting equipment and the equipment was destroyed before being placed in a landfill.

Now how the heck did they know that?  Police never actually had the machines in their possession, so how did they know they had been destroyed? And how would you know whether voter information had been taken from the machines in any event?

There are those flash cards. Those are not mentioned at all.  Were they in the landfill too?

You see where all this is going, don’t you? Taken together not much about this entire story makes much sense, unless you believe that Kemp and Georgia election officials are just making all this up on the spot.  That’s what eventually trips up a liar.

Let’s call in someone who knows a little about tripping up liars.





Author: mayorlarryvaughn

My name is Larry Vaughn. You last saw me In 1975 in Amity, New York. I was the town's mayor when a rogue sheriff tried to frighten 4th of July tourists with talk of a great white shark lurking off the shallow waters. Needless to say, I was not pleased with the panic that ensued. "No danger!" I said. "Fun in the water!" Then the shark started gobbling people up. I now regret that I did not do more to protect the people who trusted me, and I want to make sure the same thing does not happen to the voters of Georgia. There are sharks lurking offshore (in Russia, for example) who want to hack your votes. Like me your elected leaders are quick to shout "No danger!"

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