Your daily data breach: 200 million voter records exposed, including contact information and voting preferences

Today’s announcement from Upguard that

the data, which was stored in a publicly accessible cloud server owned by Republican data firm Deep Root Analytics, included 1.1 terabytes of entirely unsecured personal information compiled by DRA and at least two other Republican contractors

This makes it the largest breach of its kind.

Gizmodo reports that

Deep Root’s server was discovered by UpGuard’s [Chris] Vickery on the night of June 12 as he was searching for data publicly accessible on Amazon’s cloud service. He used the same process last month to detect sensitive files tied to a US Defense Department project and exposed by an employee of a top defense contractor.

It is now becoming clear that the network of voter databases allow well funded actors to combine information from various sources.  Someone with bad intentions can piece together enough information to interfere and disrupt elections.

Political operations might view such databases as easily commoditized marketing data that can be discarded after an election. A hacker, on the other hand, might take a longer view, realizing the damage to be done in misusing knowledge of voting patterns.





Author: mayorlarryvaughn

My name is Larry Vaughn. You last saw me In 1975 in Amity, New York. I was the town's mayor when a rogue sheriff tried to frighten 4th of July tourists with talk of a great white shark lurking off the shallow waters. Needless to say, I was not pleased with the panic that ensued. "No danger!" I said. "Fun in the water!" Then the shark started gobbling people up. I now regret that I did not do more to protect the people who trusted me, and I want to make sure the same thing does not happen to the voters of Georgia. There are sharks lurking offshore (in Russia, for example) who want to hack your votes. Like me your elected leaders are quick to shout "No danger!"

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