“We’re a very trusting society, but these machines are really bad.”

The polls in #GA06 indicate a razor-thin margin for Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff over former Georgia Sec. of State Karen Handel. A non-partisan group known as the New Georgia Project  has been canvassing minority neighborhoods to get out the vote, but the behavior of Georgia election officials has increased unease about the security of voting machines.

People are really concerned that a couple of hundred votes here, a couple of hundred votes there could be changed, [New Georgia Project director ] Ufot said.

@thinkprogress found voters like new #GA06 voter Jill Meyers who decided not to vote early in the hope that a lawsuit compelling the use of paper ballots would succeed.  As the defendants in that litigation pointed out, any voter can request a paper ballot at any time.  It was a claim that clearly annoyed Judge Adams, who pointed out that without clear announcements advising voters of their right to vote on paper, such a choice is meaningless.

“We’re a very trusting society,” [Meyers] said, “but these machines are really bad.”


Author: mayorlarryvaughn

My name is Larry Vaughn. You last saw me In 1975 in Amity, New York. I was the town's mayor when a rogue sheriff tried to frighten 4th of July tourists with talk of a great white shark lurking off the shallow waters. Needless to say, I was not pleased with the panic that ensued. "No danger!" I said. "Fun in the water!" Then the shark started gobbling people up. I now regret that I did not do more to protect the people who trusted me, and I want to make sure the same thing does not happen to the voters of Georgia. There are sharks lurking offshore (in Russia, for example) who want to hack your votes. Like me your elected leaders are quick to shout "No danger!"

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